Unit 1 Folder Checklist

The final draft of the Investigative Essay is due tomorrow, on Wednesday June 18th, and is worth 100 points, AKA 10% of your final grade for the class. When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments as well as the Essay 1 Guidelines and Rubric, which can be found on the blog.

The Unit 1 Folder is also due. This should be an actual folder (NOT a binder, please) and its contents are worth 50 points or 5% of your final grade.

Here’s what should go inside:
– Response 1: What is Race? What is Class?
– Response 2: White Privilege
– Response 3: Tal Fortgang
– Rough draft of paper with Peer Review comment sheet


Sample Unit 1 Essay and Rubric

This is a real student paper turned in at SIU for Unit 1.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a good example of the Investigative Essay form: Sample Unit 1 Paper

Here is the Unit 1 Rubric I will be using when I grade your papers.

What does the sample paper do well?  What could be improved?  What grade would you give it if you were the teacher?


Homework for the week of June 16

By popular request, I will try putting all of the homework assignments for the week in a single post.  Let me know what you think of this system!

for TUESDAY June 17: A 2-4 page draft of your Unit 1 paper is due for Peer Review.  Make to print it out and bring a paper copy to class.

for WEDNESDAY June 18: Your 3-4 page paper is due!

for THURSDAY June 19: Read guidelines for both parts of Unit 2: Essay+2A+Guidelines and Essay+2B+Guidelines

for FRIDAY June 20: Read Immigrants: Is There a Recipe for Success? Model annotation (with MLA citation) due today.

for MONDAY June 23: Read How We Built the Ghettos: A brief introduction to America’s long history of racist housing policy. Model annotation (with MLA citation) due today.

Possible Topics for Investigative Essay

Here are your classmates’ brilliant ideas (listed in no particular order).  This is a great start!

-Race in sports

-Race in the media

-Film and racism

-Effect of race and/or class on jail sentences

-Social dynamics of race and/or class in prison

-Race in college/completion of college/college debt/financial aid

-Affirmative action

-People of color in the STEM fields

-Horticulture/agriculture and racism and/or class prejudice

-Racial make-up of top earners

-Race and/or class and government assistance

-Race and voting

-Privileged experiences and equality

-IQ results and class

-The legacy of slavery