Unit 5

Unit 5 is the Final Exam for English 102, worth 100 points or 10% of your final grade. The exam will be administered during finals week on Thursday, July 31 from 8:00AM-9:50AM in our usual classroom.

We will be discussing the requirements in class today and tomorrow. The prompt is here: Unit 5 AKA Final Exam


Extra Credit options

As promised, here are some options for extra credit.  Each response should be two double-spaced pages, and can replace a missing homework/classwork assignment from any unit, but keep in mind that you will only receive credit if your work is thorough and thoughtful. You may complete up to three assignments, not more than one of each type without my approval.  These are due Monday, July 28 at the latest (though you may turn them in as you complete them.)

1. Choose an article we have read together (from the blog) and find another article on the same subject.  Write a response that compares the two authors’ take on the subject AND the rhetorical techniques used by each.  Include MLA citations.

2. Find a news article on a current event having to do with race or class (unrelated to your own paper topic, please) and write an analysis explaining its audience, purpose, rhetorical techniques, and how effective it is. Include an MLA citation.

3. If you had a second chance to choose a different topic for your research in this class, how would you go about deciding what to do?  What topic might you choose and why? Tell me a little about this topic and how you would approach it.

Three different takes on unions today

From Salon: The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today

From The Economist: Fast-food condemnation: Trade unions grill the nation’s burger joints

From The Daily Signal: Unions Need to be Reinvented


About the article:

Who is the author of this article? When/where was it published?

What kinds of support does the author use?  What kinds of rhetorical techniques?

About the issue:

According to the article, what kind of workers are in unions? What kind of people should be in unions, and why? What should unions do for those workers?

How have things changed for the middle class and the working class over the last few decades?