Unit 3 reminder and checklist

Your Unit 3 paper is due tomorrow, July 16.  As you’re finishing up, please remember that the assignment is a bibliographical analysis, NOT an argumentative research paper. Don’t waste your time making points that you will only have to repeat in your Unit 4 paper. Don’t take a side on the issue … yet! The main thing you should be doing in THIS assignment is analyzing your bibliography. What do the sources you have chosen say? How do they work together? Although they all may be written about the same topic, note the ways they are different. What about them (who wrote them, where/when they were published, their authors’ rhetorical strategies) matters most?

Please make sure your paper has an up-to-date and correctly formatted Works Cited page, and remember to upload a digital copy of your paper to the dropbox on D2L. The Bibliographical Analysis is worth 15% of your grade, the contents of the Unit 3 Folder worth 5%.  Here’s what should be in it:

-Photoshop classwork

-Millennials and Racism classwork

-Synthesis Questions 1 and 2

-Synthesis Questions 3 and 4

-Synthesis Questions 5 and 6

-Rough draft with peer’s comments and Peer Review sheet

-Final draft


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