Homework for the week of July 7

Welcome back to the second half.  Here are your assignments for the week:

For TUESDAY: answer questions from Unit 3 Assignment Prompt about your own 8-10 sources. 1) What type of writers take up this subject, and what seem to be their reasons? 2) What kind of audiences do writers seem to be addressing or attempting to address in their writings? Remember to cite specific examples as evidence for general claims.


for WEDNESDAY: Read Beauty Whitewashed: How White Ideals Exclude Women of Color and Doctoring Diversity: Race and Photoshop. There is no written response due, but make sure to read the articles carefully; I’ll be giving you written discussion questions in class.


for THURSDAY: answer the next two questions. 3) What kinds of venues of publication have the selected writers preferred, and which venues seem to provide the most reliable information? 4) When did most of the selected writers publish on this topic—is the debate relatively new, or has it been ongoing? Use evidence!


for FRIDAY: Read How Millennials Perpetuate Racism By Pretending It Doesn’t Exist. What kind of support does the author of this article draw from data? Do his conclusions seem fair?


for next MONDAY: answer final two questions. 5) What type of concerns, such as those moralistic, religious, scientific, etc., do writers pose about this topic? 6) What writing strategies do writers prefer to use in reaching an audience, the use of logical, emotional, or ethical appeals, a dependence on scientific studies or statistics, a reliance on visual charts, graphs, or pictures, etc.?  Back up your claims with evidence.


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