Unit 2 Folder Checklist

The final draft of both parts of Unit 2 is due tomorrow, on Thursday July 3rd. This includes 2A, the Annotated Bibliography (worth 15% of your grade for the class) and 2B, the Proposal Argument (worth 5%).  When revising, please take a look at your peers’ comments and my comments on the 2A draft, as well as the Essay 2 Guidelines and Rubric, which can be found on the blog.

The Unit 2 Folder is also due. Its contents are worth 50 points or 5% of your final grade.  Here’s what belongs inside:

– Annotation 1: Three Sociologists on Immigrants and Success
– Annotation 2: “How We Built The Ghettos”
– Annotation 3: Marissa Alexander

– Annotation 4: Undocumented Immigrants in Prison

– Annotation 5: Court Fees

– Annotation 6: World Cup article

– Rough draft of 2A
– Peer Review draft of 2A and 2B with comment sheet


REMEMBER:  Class meets tomorrow.  If you are planning to start your vacation early, it is your responsibility to get me your paper before you leave campus.

ALSO: Whether you will be in class or not, please upload your Unit 2A and 2B assignments to the correct D2L dropboxes!


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